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We provide research, analysis, and advice for any type of historical project, from films and exhibitions to autobiographies and corporate histories.

Our existing customers include companies, individuals, and museums.

We provide targeted archival research, particularly when historical handwriting poses a challenge.

Depending on customers’ needs, we have provided them with the right selection of archival material and the transcriptions of primary sources.

Cultural Management

Our team has curated several exhibitions on historical, political, and cultural themes.

We research content, develop exhibition concepts, and write accessible texts.

We have experience with exhibitions based on a collection and those requiring new, customised exhibits.

We help clients develop an interpretive plan.

This includes refining the client’s objectives, targeting the right audiences, shaping the visitors’ experience, and creating the appropriate media.

We also provide assistance with the setting-up of archives, whether this means managing private papers or structuring company documents.

Our services include the inventorying, structuring, and protecting of archival material.


We organise academic events, such as conferences, workshops, study trips, or summer schools.

We can accommodate a wide range of needs, whether it is contributing a small part to the event or guaranteeing a full implementation.

Academics regularly approach us for outside advice and expert feedback on publications and research proposals.

We specialise in the translation of academic texts from French and German into English.

Likewise, we also gladly proofread your articles, books, and research proposals in any of those languages.

Our clients include scholars from fields across the humanities and social sciences.